Ray brought out a new side of me as far as sex was concerned. He had recently read the 50 Shades of Grey Trilogy and he was dying to try out all the things he’d read about on me.  We didn’t get to see each other regularly so when we had to go many days without seeing each other, we would make up for it with some phone sex or dirty emails. This behavior was very unlike me, but I was really enjoying this new version of myself. Having this little adventure on the side was great for my self esteem and it definitely made me forget my frustrating home life. My feelings of being happy and in a good mood despite my husband’s overbearing ways could only be contributed to Ray and our time together. I appreciated the fact that he cared so much about my feelings and about making me happy. He made me feel like the only woman in the world, until the day he reminded me that I wasn’t the only woman in his world when he told me that he thought we could no longer see each other. “What the fuck, Ray?” was all I could think. I abruptly came to the realization that as much as I had been telling myself that Ray was just sex and companionship, I was mistaken. What the fuck, Ray?


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