I made the enormous mistake of going to a popular website where people share all sorts of crazy drama and shared the link to this blog. I admit that I didn’t think it out properly and I might have possibly jumped the gun. Maybe I shouldn’t have shared it till the whole blog was complete or till I was at least half way through. I was told that I was “pimping” my blog, some people thought I was making it up, that I didn’t sound distraught enough so it was either made up or I had no heart, they said that I didn’t seem very sorry to be cheating on my husband, that I just wanted blog viewers and finally, (my personal favorite) that I was writing erotica. (I’m still laughing at that one. I’m not sure if that was a compliment or criticism.) Anyway, I digress……..

Ahhh, how easy it is to sit from behind your computer (or phone) screen, looking down your nose and pointing fingers at complete strangers.

Let me start with the obvious—I am not actually proud of the things I’ve done or of the decisions I have made. I am not looking for approval or understanding. I completely understand that most people would completely disapprove of my current situation and the choices I’ve made that have put me in this crazy situation, I can even accept the negative opinions and disapproving remarks made in a respectful way, but the disrespectful commenters can fuck off. It’s really quite simple, don’t read the blog.

I’m writing this blog first and foremost cause I want to. It’s for me to write down all my feelings, good and bad. It’s not like I can discuss this matter with people in real life. So what if I wouldn’t mind having the blog read by a few people? Isn’t that the purpose of blogging in the first place? Isn’t that the purpose of most social networking type places? Everyone has a voice that wants to be heard, if you don’t want to hear mine, that’s fine. No hard feelings. Goodbye & have a nice day.

My favorite comments are the ones that tell me that you could NEVER do this. Let me tell you that 2 years back I was pretty sure I could never do this and chances are I was pretty judgmental towards those that did these kinds of things. Well, here I am doing things I couldn’t have even imagined a couple of years ago. I am not making excuses for myself, I’m just stating the facts. Shit happens. Never say never.





18 thoughts on “Judgment

  1. As a member of the online community you are talking about, I just want to say that now, your blog really does sound like you’re bragging. I personally gave you good advice, but rather than acknowledge that, you want to play the victim/martyr and whine about how bad it is. Which really is the entire point of your blog, isn’t it? “Poor me. I’m trapped. I’m don’t know what to do. ” Two words: drama queen. And as a guy who’s wife cheated on him, I hope you get caught and lose everything. Then maybe your haughty attitude will change.


    • You think I’m bragging cause I’m openly sharing MY feelings on MY blog. First off, maybe you need to go back and re-read my post. My complaint was SPECIFICALLY about people being disrespectful, that’s not playing a victim or martyr, unlike you. “Oh boohoo you didn’t acknowledge my advice.” You are the whiney one. I’m sorry you were cheated on, but don’t take your frustrations and bitterness out on me. The fact that you’re straightout wishing ill upon someone you don’t know speaks volumes about you.


  2. Funny how you can twist things to suit you…guess that’s why you’re a cheating b**** in the first place. The nicest thing you can do is free your husband to find someone that believes in honoring promises and vows. I am a part of that “online community” that you are blasting, and I read through every single post on that thread. No one accused you of anything but you asked for people’s opinions and even admitted your were “I only semi-teeny weeny bit want to pimp out my blog.” It is women like you that give the rest of us a shitty name. I sincerely hope Karma bites you in the ass and you lose everything you hold dear.


    • Blasting? Seriously. You’re taking this way too personally. You don’t know me, you don’t know the details of my life and here you are (bitterly) hoping I lose everything. I may be a cheating B but it’s not like you come across as a wonderful person. Have a good night.


  3. Lol. You’re the bitter one, if you decided to blog about how we all thought you were a being a little attention whore (literally).

    You decided to ask us for advice and opinions. You got them. You’re doing something shitty and you know it, and you wanted us to tell you “It’s okay! Your husband sucks, keep fucking the guy who YOU ADMIT IS A FUCKING CREEP”

    one last piece of advice: Get checked for stds and when your husband find out you’re cheating (and he will) I hope he gets checked too. Because I guarantee you, Ray is fucking other women too. You’re not special. He doesn’t care about you.


    • You obviously haven’t read all my comments or you would know that CURRENTLY we are not seeing each other. My blog posts (minus today’s) are based on events from 2013. I’ve only said a million times that I am going back to the beginning. I don’t see how saying true things is being an attention whore. Let me remind you where you are leaving your not very nice comments, my blog. You are coming to my blog to call me a whore. You are validating my original post. Thanks for helping me make my point.


  4. I think this whole thing is crazy. You do sound kinda braggy here. And if you honestly wanted advice then you shouldnt sound so okay with your actions. Mistakes happen but not over and over and over like this unless you arent in the least bit sorry.

    When you do something like go online and come off bragging about a affair you should expect to be attacked.

    If you are not happy in your relationship seek help or leave. Dont hurt others because you cant keep your hands (and other body parts….) To yourself. His poor wife probably has no clue her new marriage is a fraud and your kids/husband deserve respect.


    • See, I have no issues with comments like this. You respectfully make valid points. I have said before that although I just started this blog recently, the posts I am writing are from 2013. Feelings and stories from 2013! But people choose to ignore that part and just attack without knowing the whole story.


  5. We are smarter than guys so chances are he will never find out. In regards to the Stds you can also get them from your husband cheating. That is double standard. If the guy was the cheater it wouldn’t be such a big deal. Many people stay together because of the kids. And guys cheat all the time. Years ago I wouldn’t agree with that but at my age I tell you if you have a chance to be happy take it. Life is short. I understand what you did and why you did it. And if guys that cheat are not whores then you are.not.a whore either. Other people please don’t waste your time answering, this post is exclusively for the unfaithful wife. And please keep posting your story. I really enjoy reading it

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    • When men cheat its just as disgusting in my opinion. No one should cheat. Goes for men and woman. Cheating is at least disrespectful to your partner.

      The case here is shes cheating. Not the husband so your std comment is invaild…


  6. In all honestly what you posted above is doing the same thing you accused that community of doing to you.

    The only thing flaming another community will get you is an angry hornets’ nest defending their own. It might up the number of hits you get here, but it’s not quality interactions.

    I’m still not sure what you were looking for at the other community, and I guess I’m not exactly sure what you’re hoping to accomplish here beyond the journaling aspect of things. Let’s hope you find what is you’re looking for so you can move forward in your life.

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  7. The way i commented is the same way everyone else did on the other site until you made it pretty clear you werent sorry. With posts calling the other posters bitter house wives and saying your a asshole with winkys saying things back to the other posters like you did drex and someone above.

    Im the post you made on the site you clearly stated you have been with this guy ray off and on for 2 years. You never stated that i caught (i may have missed it but i dont think i did) that you were currently not together.

    The only way you will make yourself feel any better (if that is truly what you wanted) is to admit to your husband that you did this, seek help and rebuild your life.

    And when I say tell your husband I mean sit him down and explain what happened. Not mail him this blog. The fact that you have started writing this with the idea of sending it to your husband as a way of coming clean, why to cause more pain?

    I do agree rays a creep, a cheating creep. You probably should get checked for STDs….


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