I’ve heard that having an affair could help improve your marriage. I always thought that was pretty ridiculous and stupid, but I’ve come to accept that maybe it’s true. 

After various “lunches” in Ray’s car where the only thing we were tasting was each other, he told me that as much as he was enjoying our frenzied and passionate lunches, it was time to kick it up a notch. (Not to mention the great risk that comes with going overboard in a car. In public. Near your place of employment.) I told him I had to think about it and needed some time. I hadn’t fully forgotten that I had a husband and various children at home whose lives could be greatly affected if I wasn’t careful. But who says no to someone whose kisses leave you in a daze? I am not a prude but this man handled my body in ways I had never experienced. He constantly left bruises on my inner thighs and I loved it. They were my souvenirs. While I never had any major complaints about my husband when it came to sex, Ray was way more adventurous and demanding. He made me feel aroused and alive. He left me shocked when he slipped his fingers inside me and then shoved them into my mouth so I could taste myself, his favorite flavor. This behavior was out of character for me, but I became a fan very quickly. And on the days we couldn’t see each other, the memories of what we done with each other, to each other played over and over in my head. My husband didn’t seem to notice that suddenly I wanted to have sex more often nor that if I seemed more into it than usual it was because I was thinking of Ray.

Between the constant telephone conversations, romantic emails, song dedications, texts and lunch time sexual activity, Ray has forgotten to tell me that he has a live-in girlfriend. I should be upset but I’m not. I figure it will make things less complicated. I tell myself that this will just be a temporary respite from my marriage, a little fling to recharge my batteries and give me the “pick me up” I desperately need before the constant arguing with my husband drives me to insanity. What do you get when you add 2 crazy people, a husband, a girlfriend and an endless amount of stupidity? No Strings Attached Sex. Where do I sign up?


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