Husband / Boyfriend

What do you do when 13 years into your marriage you begin to question if your husband is really the right person for you?

What happens when the man that not so long ago used to think the sun rose and set on you seems to find fault with everything you do. The husband that you married has become someone else over the years and the new version is not so great. His demands increase by day and no matter what I do, it never seems to be enough. Everything I do is wrong. My cooking is never good. My cleaning skills are unsatisfactory. I am nowhere near the Mother he imagined for our his children. I begin to put forth extra effort to do things the way he likes to make both our lives more pleasant, but the peace is short lived, soon enough there is something else I’ve done wrong or haven’t done enough of. Every day brings another reason for him to complain and point out all my failures as a Wife and Mother. He stops noticing things he used to notice before. My hair color changes and it goes unnoticed, I have lost some weight, and that also goes unnoticed. Everything I say is wrong and it bothers him. I cannot share my thoughts with my husband anymore. In his quest to be a better person, my husband has found God and become unbearable and I have lost myself.

I needed to find myself and instead someone found me. Slowly but surely the feelings of insecurity gifted to me by my husband are gone, no thanks to him. Someone has come along to save me, save my sanity and to make me feel whole again. It is not my husband. I know it is wrong, but I don’t think I can go back to not having someone in my life that appreciates me, that compliments me, that loves all the qualities about me that have become so annoying and unbearable to my husband. How do I send away the person that has brought happiness and positivity back to my life and go back to being miserable constantly? I can’t.

I am married, I have 3 kids and I have a boyfriend. What do I do?






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